Board of Directors

Mr. Harender Singh Bhatia

Managing Director and Chairman

Mr. Harender Singh Bhatia is Bachelor of Science and is Post Graduate in Arts and has 36 Years rich experience in various business activities and more particularly 33 Years in the Poultry Industry.
He is having thorough practical experience in all the facets of the Poultry Industry right from Poultry Keeping, Feed management, Farm management, Hatching of eggs, management of Hatcheries to Marketing of chicks, eggs and Birds. He is now a Poultry Technocrat of the Poultry Industry in Madhya Pradesh. His contribution in the development and growth of Poultry Industry in Madhya Pradesh as well as in company is very well recognized.
Simran Farms has been on a growth path under his able leadership and rich experience. His values of integrity and transparency have been inculcated in all the employees. He always innovates new ideas; adapt latest technology for the growth of the company.

Mr. Gurdeep Singh Bhatia


Mr. Gurdeep Singh Bhatia is Graduate and having 45 years of great experience in Poultry Farming and Finance. He is within the Board of the Company since too long and providing his expertise to the Company. Under his guidance Company is on growing path and achieving new high each and every year.
He has more than Four decades of experience in the field of Poultry, market development, strategic planning, production planning, financial planning etc. relating to Poultry Farming.

Mr. Kawaljeet Singh Bhatia

Whole - Time Director

Mr. Kawaljeet Singh Bhatia is Bachelor of Science and has completed his Masters in International business. Mr. Kawaljeet Singh Bhatia has vast experience in various functional activities of business. He is associated with the company since very long time and handling various administrative work of the company.
Being an Executive Director, Mr. Kawaljeet Singh Bhatia is vested with wide power of administration and management of Business activities of the Company more particularly purchase of raw ingredients, Feed management, Farm management, hatching of eggs, management of Hatcheries. He is also responsible for production of chicks and eggs and marketing and distribution of the same. His contribution in the development and growth of Poultry Industry in Madhya Pradesh as well as in company is very well recognized.
Due to his tremendous direction and involvement, company has been on growth path and accounted in sales and net worth. Mr. Kawaljeet Singh Bhatia always endeavour each and every person of the company to properly execute long term object of the Company so that company will achieve its missions soon.

Dr. Surendra Singh

Independent Director

Dr. Surendra Singh has associated with Simran Farms Limited as an Independent Director. He is a Post Graduate. He has 42 years vast expertise in policy making and project development. His experience and knowledge is highly beneficiate for the development of the company.

Mr. Surjit Singh Kohli

Independent Director

Mr. Surjit Singh Kohli, has been appointed as an Independent Director with effect from 16th July, 2019. Mr. Kohli, aged 58 years, Graduate, is having 25 years of rich experience in poultry industry. He is also directors in Sagri Foods Private Limited, Sagri Fresh Foods Private Limited and SHL Agro Foods Limited. The Board feels that his contribution will be highly beneficial to the Company and will add more value to the Board of the Company.

Mrs. Jasmeet Kaur Bhatia

Women Independent Director

Mrs. Jasmeet Kaur Bhatia is having Bachelor degree and has almost 10 years rich experience in Finance and Marketing. She joined Board of the Company as a Woman Independent Director of the Company. Management thinks that under her supervision Company will grow and enhance the profitability in a positive manner.