About Us

The Simran group was established in 1980 by the Bhatia Family. Later on, as a result of strong determination and goal of serving the society with nutritional poultry products and delivering actual value to its customers through products and services at large, the Company, Simran Farms Limited (SFL) was incorporated in 1984 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and was converted into a public limited company in 1993. Today the group is popularly known as “Simran Group”.

With a unique combination of expertise and experience and supported by strategic collaborations, the company has improved its performance of the business with the passage of time. The company is mainly focused on integration and consolidation of poultry products and activities. The Simran group today plays proud parent to a number of reputed organizations under its wide umbrella and successfully caters to poultry and its allied sectors. By keeping Quality as their guiding star, group has consistently fulfilled its commitment to quality by ensuring that it not only manufactures products using high-end technology but also delivers actual value to its customers through its products and services.

At Simran Farms, we firmly stand behind our commitment to keep things the way nature intended. Its most modernized parent poultry breeding farms are located near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The company’s hatcheries and contract rearing farms are located in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Maharashtra. The breeding farms have state-of-the-art automation systems, cages for scientific rearing and artificial insemination and balanced nutrition management for each bird. The company has also proposed to expand its parent farm capacity and will also be increasing the contract farms in near future.

Since 1980, Simran Group has seen many ups and downs of poultry industry and it is worthwhile to note here that the management of the company has depicted its competitive strength by sticking to the same line of business despite severe recessionary trends that poultry industry went through since last many years. The management of the company not only enabled the company to sail through the recessionary phase but proactively built pillars for exponential growth of the company during good phase of poultry industry. The pioneering efforts of the Simran Group are worth appreciating.

Consistent Growth in Topline

The performance of the Company has been improving with the passage of time and years. The average growth rate of the Company is 20-25% every year. At present, the total turnover of the company is around Rs. 444.00 Crores. The company is making all its endeavors to increase the business in an efficient and effective manner and to achieve the higher profits in the coming years and set the new benchmarks for the poultry industry.

In the next few years, the Company is likely to emerge as a strong player to contend within the poultry industry. The pace at which the company is growing and the aggressive management style that the current management of the company is adopting, will surely make Simran Farms a completely integrated end-to-end player in the poultry industry with a presence in all segments of the curve.

With the initiatives like in-house feed-production, contract farming, chicken processing etc., the profitability of the company is expected to be improved in the coming years. Coupled with these micro factors, if macro factors like fall in input prices, rising demand of end products, spike in end-product prices work favorably, then it is likely to add to the growth momentum of the company and is expected to lead to improvement in top-line and bottom-line of the company in the coming years.

Key Strengths

♦    Simran Group is an integrated company with expertise across the poultry value chain.
♦    Country-wide presence.
♦    Management has three decades of experience in the industry.

Group Companies

♦    Simran Hatcheries Private Limited
♦    Simfa Labs (Vetline) Pvt Ltd
♦    Simran Feeds Pvt Ltd
♦    Simran Foods Pvt Ltd

With consolidation of these group firms into the listed entity, Simran Farms will be present in all segments of poultry sector including breeding, hatching, broiler farming, feed Processing/Production, Chicken Processing, vet medicine(via Simfa Labs), etc. Only the segment left out will be retailing of poultry products which can fetch decent margins for the company, however, this segment can be ventured into at a later stage.